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What I’ve Been Reading: 12/13/2020

This week has been a busy one! I have been working on so many projects for school, along with reading up a storm! This week, I have been reading two novels. When I was reading these two books, Go Tell It On The Mountain (1953) and Love Is A Revolution (early 2021), I never expected them to have so much in common.

The Cutest Christmas Book That Ever Was!

As the days grow colder and the nights get longer, it seems like Christmas is right around the corner. When offered an adorable holiday-themed rom-com, it was one I couldn’t refuse! The pick: All I Want For Christmas by Wendy Loggia.

This book is DAZZLING!

Think Project Runway meets Comic Con. In Ryan La Sala’s latest novel, Sala goes all out in a romance/competition novel, highlighting love and jealousy throughout. The pick? Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala.


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Favorite Facts About Me!

Some of my favorites!

Favorite Food: Calamari and any kind of seafood.

Favorite Drink: Shirley Temple

Favorite Chocolate Brand: Godiva

Favorite Snack: Kettle corn

Favorite Book: The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

Favorite Place To Visit: New York City and Cape Cod

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Author: All authors!

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