Revealed: The Latest Blue Willow Pick For February!

As a member of the Teen Book Advisory Board for Blue Willow, I have the lovely privilege of reading books and casting my vote in each month for the title I liked best for the newly launched young adult book box! In late 2020, I enjoyed As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper, and later in December voted accordingly! What a read this one was!

I love a good travel read, especially during these hard times where there is nothing I want to do more than… travel! This book takes place first in Kentucky, where our protagonist Marty, is about to board a plane to London, where he will embark on a three-month summer music program. The only problem is, he didn’t get into this program, and is really going to London to leave Kentucky behind and make a new life for him in London. When Marty arrives in London, Marty makes so many friends and tries many different things; along with finally having his first boyfriend! Home feels so far away for him, and for once, Marty is feeling more of a social butterfly than ever. But things start to crash down for Marty when his savings begin to run out and his parents start to worry when Marty doesn’t return their calls. Could Marty ever go home, or the even bigger question is, should he?

This book was so much fun to read. I went to London in the summer of 2019, so many of the places Marty visits, I also visited during my last European trip pre-pandemic. The stark contrast between Kentucky and London is also something I feel Phil Stamper does a wonderful job doing, along with building up a travel plot that makes me long for a day when Westminster is open to Americans. With all of the exciting and new adventures Marty has, Stamper also carefully crafts yet another contrast between Marty’s parents and himself. Until traveling is a normalcy, this book is an excellent choice for your next vacation through pages.

Book Details:

As Far As You’ll See Me by Phil Stamper

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Link For February Blue Willow YA First Editions Box:

I always try to buy local as often as I can 🙂

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