This book is DAZZLING!

Think Project Runway meets Comic Con. In Ryan La Sala’s latest novel, Sala goes all out in a romance/competition novel, highlighting love and jealousy throughout. The pick? Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala.

This interesting fictional take on cosplay features the main character Raffy, who loves to craft and bedazzle everything he can. Raffy’s major hobby is cosplay and creating costumes for competitions, and when he shows up completely dressed up in one of his best creations Raffy is furious when he sees his biggest competition- his ex-boyfriend, Luca. Through all of his fury, he proceeds to compete as though there’s nothing wrong- until he makes it to the last round and has to partner with Luca to create his (hopefully) winning costume.

This book was so fun. Ryan La Sala used flashbacks to build an entire backstory on the relationship Raffy and Luca shared, along with thoroughly explaining the friends and family of both Raffy and Luca only to enhance the understanding of their past relationship. I also loved the storyline, and felt that it was such a unique setting for a book, and unlike other books I had read in the past. I also immensely enjoyed the other plotlines, such as the competition and friend/family drama that existed as side plots, so there was never a lull! This book was just so exciting to read, and I also loved learning about the world of cosplay and cosplay competition as well.

I’d definitely recommend this book for fans of love stories and cosplay, along with readers that enjoy a good, dramatic read.

Overall, reading this book was like entering a new world for me- I knew nothing about cosplay before I read this one. I recommend pairing this with a craft after, and some tissues if emotional books make you cry.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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