The Beauty In Short Stories

I used to not like short stories, I often found them to be well.. too short! That was until I read Interpreter Of Maladies. Throughout this brilliant collection of short stories, Lahiri weaves in human emotion and the human experience into one impactful punch, illustrated differently in each story.

Lahiri’s collection, however, has the underlying theme of humanity present in each story. Each story is told differently; drawing in infidelity, religion, culture, love, etc. I truly felt so moved by each story, as each story told me something different about the world and in turn, something different about myself. The short stories all have unique plots; from a failing marriage to the inexpression many people have of not being able to show and talk about their feelings.

I truly loved this collection. Each story teaches something new, and each story has a thread of different perspectives that highlight the differences between the stories, characters, and the world as a whole. The way Lahiri writes is also beautiful, as the language flows from line to line, and there is just the right amount of detail in every scene. The bigger themes that add the breath of life to humanity are what hold the most importance for me, as I strongly feel that the themes give the dimension and facets needed for these extraordinary short stories in this special collection.

I’d recommend this book to anyone that thoroughly likes short stories, and enjoys an emotional punch from many of the stories in this collection. I also would recommend this collection to anyone that feels like they need help in understanding humanity, and what makes humans human.

Overall, the book is beautiful. I truly can’t say enough good things about it, and I suggest reading it in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea. Each short story is decadent, and feels like an escape every single time.

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